One big happy family

One big happy family

Our celebration in a occasion will never be complete without a one big happy family picture

Thank you!


                              Our country is suffering another calamity now, most of the cities in visayas region was wiped out by super typhoon Haiyan. In a day a lot of family lost there love once. In a week everyone starve for food, water, and shelter. But in a day the calamity hit our country the Philippines. The whole world sympathized, help and cried for the people survived and lost there loved once, and  for we don’t know for how long they will help. Different races, languages, beliefs, color, old, young, child, different kind of people make as ONE to help the people in Tacloban, Ormoc, Leyte, Samar, and places in Visayas that where hit by the calamity. Everyday news flash haiyan survivors and the number of people send money from different countries whether it is pinoy  or not peso or dollars, pounds or what kind of money it may be. It will go the the survivors, for them to have a new life a new shelter and a new opportunity to finish what they have started in there lives.  Even now the number of people what to help is countless. 

                            We may not be in a government sector but we will always here to help. I  may not be one of those people that send money from different part of the world. But I will always be a bridge for the world could send there help to them. Thank you Haiyan you arrived in our country, you let everyone in the world what a filipino can be a strong people what ever calamity you may be, after you hit us we can always put a smile on our faces.  Haiyan? your just a storm, “We’re Filipinos”, You may be the “biggest typhoon in the world” as they say your a “perfect storm” but we have the ” Biggest God” and we have all the positive people that we can over come you. You lost there love once, but we will never lose our faith and love to our God. 

Wonder Lust


Travel, a dream that i always wanted to be come true. A bucket list of places in the world that i always wanted to go. Every time i open a page in Facebook titled “amazing things in the world” every time I open the page i drooled of the places I see. Even if it is a Hotel, Park, Castle, Mountain, caves or even a field of flowers or whatever it may be I would always love to see new place meet new people. If  given chances why not try to live in some place. and i would like to share my very own bucket travel list.

  • Tunnel of love, Ukraine
  • Tulip Field in Netherlands
  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
  • Hitachi Seaside park, Japan
  • Mendenhall Cave, Alaska
  • Bamboo Forest  Japan
  • Street in Bonn Germany
  • Wisteria Flower tunnel Japan
  • Black forest Germany
  • Tianzi Mountain China
  • Hang Son doong Vietnam
  • Antelop Canyon USA
  • Lake Hillier Australia
  • Canola Flower fields China
  • Mount Roraima South America

This are some on my list more places to travel. I am the only person that love travel but having problem getting a passport. How i wish our country could be like a first world country that Visa is no needed to travel where ever they want, no papers to work on and wait for a month or worst wait for a year until a visa is given it’s either the visa is delayed or it is denied that’s the common reasons in working a travelling papers in a third world country.

But before travelling abroad I need to travel my very own country first a lot of beaches and tourist spots can be seen. Hidden paradise as they say. Who would not love travel if you got the funds and supply why not explore the world.  Experience what our mother earth can give to us.